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Q: Is there a limit on how much data can be transferred per month ?

A: No, there is not such limit.

Q: Before i order from, i would like to test Internet speed,
how can i do that ?

A: You can test upload and download using this link.

Q: Can i order domain via ?

A: No, currently we do not offer this service.

Q: How long does it take for a dedicated server to be delivered ?

A: It depends, if we have requested configuration in stock, it may take up to 3 days, if we do not have it in stock, delivery time will be from 3 days to 2 weeks.

Q: What kind of virtualization is used for 'virtual server' service ?

A: So called cloud servers are built with KVM or LXC technologies. For large orders we can consider installing requested type of virtualization.

Q: What kind of operating systems are supported?

A: We can pre-install any type of OS based on LINUX. Other type of OS installations are possible per-request basis.

Q: What are billing terms for the services?

A: All services are sold with 1 month pre-payment. Payments should be done by wire transfer only.

Q: How much IP addresses i can lease?

A: Currently we lease up to /21 (2048) ip addresses per client.

Q: Are there specific requirements for IP lease ?

A: No, there are no specific requirements. All clients must provide company data to be registered via RIPE database.

Q: What is abuse policy at ?

A: We are committed to deliver only quality service. Thus, we react to each complain regarding our clients' abusive activities. Each client is required to react to complains and fix issues in due time.

Q: What are Internet speeds ?

A: Internet speeds range from 10 Mbps up to 10 Gbps per server. Bandwidth is not limited. On request bandwidth can be guaranteed.

Q: Are there server administration plans available ?

A: Server administration is provided on case by case basis. Please send us request for further details.

TENDO LT is JSC specializing in IP address lease and server hosting business. Company was established in Vilnius, Lithuania in year 2008.

TENDO LT hosting services are IPv6 ready. For custom IPv6 IPs prices contact us via our request form.