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Company focuses on delivering quality services to its clients by using best hosting technologies of its kind. All hardware is certified and of a known brands. As a primary dedicated server supplier we use DELL.
Internet service for hosting solutions is very reliable. Reliability is achieved by using multiple gateway redundancy. Internet to hosting is supplied by at least four different ISPs. This guarantees good latency parameters and one of the best connectivity.
Bandwith for hosting clients are guaranteed and can be expanded upon a request.
Company provides custom hardware and software installations. Consults on all technical aspects relating to hosting, server installation and configuration.
IP lease flexibility is achieved by providing a number of different hosting and IP distribution options.

TENDO LT is JSC specializing in IP address lease and server hosting business. Company was established in Vilnius, Lithuania in year 2008.

TENDO LT hosting services are IPv6 ready. For custom IPv6 IPs prices contact us via our request form.